Alice Street Spiritualist Church joyfully welcomes back guest intuitive Areanne Lloyd!

Areanne is a trance channel.  She channels ‘The Guides’, a group energy who have spoken through her for over 20 years. They are primarily concerned with showing us how each of us, individually, can live from our true nature.  So they talk to us about the misunderstandings, the things we’ve inherited from our society and our culture, that have prevented us from being our truest and best selves.  They open our eyes and our hearts to truths that help us dissolve the obstacles to our joy.

In addition to doing phone readings for clients all over the country, Areanne produces two half-hour channeling shows each month for the local cable access channels 11 and 21 on Comcast. Schedules and air dates can be found at The Guides are here to talk to you, about you, about your life and your concerns. You are invited to come to the service and be prepared to ask a question. Learn  more about Areanne at or e-mail: