Guest intuitive Bev Martin grew up in the Republic of South Africa, both first world and third, in a country known for its deep political discord as well as stunning natural landscapes.  Surrounded by sharply contrasting views, beliefs and values, she had a LOT of confusion and endless questions such as:  How can we be sure we are living the life we came to live and not just following the rules and where are the instructions for LIFE?

Along her path, Bev had experiences she couldn’t explain. Like visits with family members who had passed onto the next life and ‘downloads’ of health and other information from those around her.

As her vision unfolded, Bev’s focus turned to university studies in psychology, film, and theater arts. After graduation, she worked creating educational media for an international bank.  Working with executives in a demanding corporate job she thought the intuitive voice would fade as she focused on practical and career concerns.  But they persisted.

In her spare time Bev studied with mediums, healers, and wise elders. Finally, In response to her bottomless bucket of ever unfolding questions, she began to hear deeper answers which made more sense to me than what I had heard before. A revered African healer told Bev she had work to do and named her, in Zulu, “Eldest Daughter of Light.”

Thus began a rewarding time of spiritual discovery and a growing confidence in the purpose of Bev Martin’s life. And more years of studies about how we think and the power of language and creativity, and resilience and more. Still asking questions.

We invite you to hear more of Bev Martin’s remarkable physical and inspirational journey, Sunday, February 26th at 6 pm.  Hope to see you then!