The Alice Street Spiritualist Church, known as Church of Alice, was established in 2001 by Miriam and Geoffrey Knight when they opened their home on Alice Street in order to share the spiritual insights and healing practices they had learned in England, and continue to learn. They welcome all spiritual seekers to come and experience many different ways of connecting with Spirit. We invite a wide range of guest intuitives to share their stories and their gifts with the congregation. The setting is warm and informal, and the service includes meditations, a healing circle, non-denominational hymns and the fellowship of a welcoming community of open-minded explorers.


about-geoffreyGeoffrey Knight is the president of the committee that manages the Church. He is an ordained minister licensed by the County of Multnomah, and a clinical hypnotherapist practicing from his home in Portland. He specializes in hypnotherapy for physical problems, and finding the emotional causes of physical illness. Geoffrey also is the owner of the Knightsbridge Institute of Hypnosis & NLP, and a Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists. His websites are: and Geoffrey Knight can be reached at: 3446 SW Alice Street Portland OR 97219 telephone (503) 246-7300 click here for e-mail.



about-miriamMiriam Knight is the president of the service.  She is an ordained minister licensed in Multnomah County. Miriam was the publisher of the New Connexion journal for seven years and is the founder and publisher of New Consciousness Review, a website and magazine that reviews transformational books and films. Miriam interviews both the leading luminaries and the rising stars of the new consciousness on her award-winning weekly radio shows.  Her website is  Miriam can be reached at (503) 892-3300



A Nonprofit Organization

Alice Street Spiritualist Church is a 501C-3 Nonprofit Corporation registered in Oregon. Geoffrey Knight is the president of the committee that manages the Church. He can be reached at the address, telephone and e-mail address found above. The Management Committee is elected from members of the church, and a secretary and treasurer will be appointed. The committee draws up rules for an annual general meeting, the production of annual accounts and the election of members of the committee.