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Thanks for your patience during our initial development phase.  The Alice Street Spiritualist Church website is now ready to serve and inform.   We hope you’ll come back and visit often!


We welcome all spiritual seekers to come and experience many different ways of connecting with Spirit. We invite a wide range of guest intuitives to share their stories and their gifts with the congregation. The setting is warm and informal, and the service includes meditations, a healing circle, non-denominational hymns and the fellowship of a […]

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Upcoming Events

Guest Intuitive Cherry Divine

July 27, 2014
6:00 pm

After her awakening, Cherry re-connected with the energy of her Ancient Self. This awakened her psychic & clairvoyant abilities, and her gift as a vessel of communication for inter-dimensional beings, who’s work is to bring mankind into the knowledge of their higher selves. During personal readings and workshops, guided messages are given not only to […]

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